A Message from Cindy and Peggy

One of the best things about our current work at The Emily Post Institute is that we have the opportunity to talk with parents of kids from birth to age eighteen. We constantly marvel at both the consistency and diversity of questions and comments. Of course the parent of a two-year-old will have very different questions than the parent of a ten-year-old. It is a challenge that we relish to find common ground for all the parents we meet. Regardless of the ages of their children, we have two specific pieces of advice that we can give to every parent:

Know What to Expect and Then Expect It!

In order to teach manners to their kids, parents need to know what kids can do at any given developmental level—and they need to know the unique personality and capability of their own child. Is the child shy, outgoing, quiet, talkative, thoughtful, or inquisitive? It is critical that expectations be reasonable. You don’t want to set your child up for failure by either expecting too much or too little.

The Golden Rule of Parenting

Always be the person you want your kids to be! If you want them to be respectful, considerate, honest people, you must be respectful, considerate, and honest also. They watch and learn from you everyday.

If you follow these two pieces of advice, you are on your way to giving your kids the amazing gift of good manners and to raising kids who are respectful, considerate and honest.