Birth to 12 Months

Welcome to the World!

You and your baby are beginning a great adventure together. When she is first born, your baby will look at you with deep, dark eyes. Then at some point between the age of six and twelve weeks she will look at you and smile! These are the beginnings of her first relationship – the first of many to come. During this time your baby learns to trust and depend on you. As she wakes to the world, that trust forms the bedrock for all her experiences to come.

During this period of awakening, you will surround her in a climate of respect, love, and kindness. By loving and respecting your baby and treating others with respect, kindness, and consideration, you will be constructing the foundation for your lives together in all the days to come.

You may even find that your baby “learns” some manners: bibs are the first napkins, a smile is a first greeting, and a spoon waved in the air at mealtime starts the association of utensils as tools for eating. These are the first building blocks of manners or social skills that your baby will use as she builds and strengthens relationships throughout her life.