Ages 3-5

The Age of Discovery

These children are embarking on a great voyage of discovery, and the prize is learning who they are. They start using language as the chief means of communicating with others. They form their first fledging friendships. They learn that forks and spoons are tools for eating. They discover that helping others feels great.

You can join your kids on their voyage of discovery and teach them manners that are important even at their age. This is a time you can build on their first magic words – “Please” and “Thank you.” Teach them to say “You’re welcome” and “Excuse me” as well. It’s the time for first play dates. Help your kids learn to greet their friends with a smile, share their toys, and offer tasty snacks. Basic table manners include washing up before coming to the table, napkins in laps, chewing with mouths closed, being sociable, and helping to clear the table. When your four year old helps pick up, let him know you appreciate it. That’s how he’ll learn it feels good when he helps others.

Cindy and Peggy’s Books

Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post have written books for kids in The Age of Discovery that highlight the manners you are teaching:

In Emily’s Magic Words, kids learn that with just a few words they can open doors, turn frowns to smiles, and make friends.

In Emily’s Sharing and Caring Book they’ll laugh as they learn the importance of sharing toys and food, appreciating others, taking turns, and caring for each other.

As your kids get older and approach kindergarten, they can handle more concepts, so Cindy and Peggy wrote Emily’s Everyday Manners. Your kids will find more magic words, how to act at a birthday party, manners for school, everyday life, and very special occasions, the basics of table manners, and more.

And for that gift-giving time of year, Cindy and Peggy have written Emily’s Christmas Gifts. Parents and kids can read it together and talk with each other about the gifts we don’t have to wrap—those of kindness, compassion, and caring during the holidays.