Ages 1-3

Learning the Basics

There is nothing to match a toddler’s energy, curiosity, and unrestrained joy in her widening world. Amid the highs and lows of this roller-coaster age, children learn to walk independently, use their first words to communicate, develop fundamental problem solving skills, and begin acquiring the basics of a lifetime of social skills.

This is when the foundation of etiquette and good manners is laid. Even at this young age, you can help your toddler learn basic manners and social skills. Once your youngster has mastered a few words and is talking in sentences (maybe only three words), you can teach that first magic word – “Please.” Even very young toddlers can say “Hi” and “Bye” with a wave. Basic table manners include hand washing before eating, using a spoon, drinking from a sippy cup, and sitting with the family even for a short time.

Cindy and Peggy’s Books

This is the stage where children take their first steps into the world of good manners. Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post have written two toddler books to help parents take their children through these first steps:

In Emily’s Magic Words, kids learn that with just a few words they can open doors, turn frowns to smiles, and make friends.

In Emily’s Sharing and Caring Book they’ll laugh as they learn the importance of sharing toys and food, appreciating others, taking turns, and caring for each other.