Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids Is Now In Stores

Table Manners for KidsIt’s exciting to announce the publication of our latest book for children eight-to-thirteen-years-old: Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids (Collins, May 2009). I wrote it with my sister-in-law, Peggy Post, to let kids know how table manners can be important to them. All the examples will sound familiar to most children:

You’re over at a friend’s house for dinner and they serve something so spicy hot you can’t eat it. What do you do?

You’re attending a sports banquet at school. The tables are crowded and it’s hard to tell one place setting from another. How do you know which glass is yours?

You’re at Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s, you open your mouth to talk, and out comes a loud burp! What do you say?

Kids and parents alike will love the amusing pen and ink illustrations by Steve Bjorkman. They provide a great opportunity to talk about table manners together. With Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids your kids can teach themselves the table manners you want them to learn.

3 comments to Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids Is Now In Stores

  • My seven year old granddaughter claims the head-of-table spot at home and in restaurants. How can I teach her to relinquish that spot to a more appropriate parent/host/elder?

    • Cindy Post Senning

      First, engage your son or daughter in the conversation. Let them know you care about it and are glad to work with your granddaughter on it if it’s okay with them. If it’s not, you really need to let it alone. Or, if it is, have a conversation with your granddaughter. “Annette, there’s something I want to work out with you. I know you like to sit at the head of the table, but that seat is really for the host of the dinner. The grown-up may be serving food for others at the table. Even if she’s not, it’s respectful to leave that seat for the host. Tonight when we have dinner, I’d like you to come and sit by me, please.”

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