The Principles Are Indeed Universal!

I just returned from an amazing trip to El Salvador. I had the opportunity to visit a small village in the mountains northeast of San Salvador and once again came to realize the universality of the fundamental principles essential to all relationships and on which etiquette is based. While we had little in common, I found the opportunity to connect with the folks in the village. We didn’t speak each others language – at least the languages of Spanish and English – but we clearly spoke the common language of respect and consideration!

Magic words were easy. I had learned to say them in Spanish. Greetings – handshakes and hugs – were also easy. But also easy and definitely natural – just sitting and paying attention to each other, listening even without total comprehension,sharing a meal,  and most of all SMILING left us knowing we had a new friend indeed.

So – Muchas gracias mi amigos! Mucho gusto y adios para ahora! (So – many thank you my friends! I’m pleased to have met you and goodbye for now!)

A new friend

Sharing a meal


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