French Fries – How Do I Eat Them?

There are many foods that present a classic dilemma for diners young and old. The question is, “fork or fingers?” The answer is sometimes definitive – you definitely eat your peas and mashed potatoes with a fork. That’s a no-brainer. But how about french fries? It’s a sometimes fingers/sometimes forks answer: If the food the french fries are served with is a finger food – a sandwich or a hot dog on a bun – you can eat the french fries with your fingers also. If the food is a fork food – steak or a broiled chicken cutlet, for instance – then you eat the french fries with a fork.

One other basic rule of thumb has to do with ketchup and gravy. If you’ve smothered your french fries with either, you should use a fork to eat them.

However you manage them, french fries can be pretty delicious. Enjoy!

Fork or Fingers?

7 comments to French Fries – How Do I Eat Them?

  • Wolf Mauser

    “Finger Food” is un-civilized. Period. I eat everything with correct cutlery. But then I am a European and – thank God – not a US-American. I feel pity for you. Living on Cheeseburgers and “Freedom” Fries….shudder.

    • Seth Koehler

      Amazing!! Such a broad generalization of this manner is surely not in good taste…

      On an etiquette website nonetheless.

      Very poor comment, sir. Very poor, indeed. Emily Post’s books can be purchased from a store, or borrowed from a library. Might I suggest you try one of these options?

  • Chrissie

    Ignorance is ill-mannered!

    …as if all Americans only eat Cheeseburgers and french fries.

  • I try to eat french fries with correct cutlery, but sometimes, when the pieces are big enough, I grab them with my fingers. I find it more tasty this way, although I understand that my manners are not at it’s best when I eat with my fingers.

  • Mary Jo

    While Wolf Mauser could have been more polite his point about utensils and finger foods is correct. There really are no finger foods when sitting at a table with utensils to use. When in a restaurant, I will often ask for a fork if none is provided simply because I don’t care to get my fingers greasy. I even know someone who will eat a hamburger with a knife and fork but that is often unmanageable.

    • Ava

      I second Mary Jo’s reply.
      I do feel children should be taught the correct way to eat. Just like we do not talk to them in baby language, we should not teach them baby etiquette. Etiquette should be taught as is, this way they grow up learning only one way of dining etiquette.
      If at a children’s party, at home or the beach, this can be tolerated. However in a restaurant or at any sit down breakfast,lunch or dinner event they should learn and know how to eat with proper manners.

  • use your hands when eating french fries for sure! Its the only way!

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