New Possibilities in a New Year

Hello All,

A new year is an exciting time. It offers all sorts of possibilities and a fresh start. 2012 is particularly exciting in the new possibilities it offers me. After 12 years co-directing the Emily Post Institute with my brother Peter and my sister-in-law Peggy (married to a different brother), I am retiring from management duties and taking on a part time role as a consultant. I will continue to write The Gift of Good Manners, manage the family program, train trainers for children’s etiquette programs, and confer with the others when they need my “sage” advice. I won’t drive 45 minutes in the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and the dark anymore. I also won’t attend many, many management team meetings. I know they will go on successfully without me as I am leaving those duties to able and talented people at the Institute.

The children and parents or family program is near and dear to me. My background in maternal child health and education has informed so much of my practice in this family business. I firmly believe in the social development scale we created to help parents and teachers know when they can teach children the essential social skills that will serve them for a lifetime. I am glad that I will be able to continue this blog as it gives me the opportunity to think through many of the issues that are important to all of us. I hope you will continue to read it and contribute your ideas whenever you are so moved.

Here’s to tried and true efforts of the past and to new possibilities in the future.

With warm wishes for exciting new year and new paths for all of you!

Cindy Post Senning

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