Five Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 3

Gifts You Don’t Wrap
We all love to wrap gifts, but some of the things we can give at the holidays can’t be wrapped. By spending an hour with your children and talking about this concept, you will raise their consciousness about these special gifts.

Helping out

Preparing for company
Helping with [...]

Can You Teach a Toddler Etiquette? You Bet.

Etiquette is all about building good relationships. So children need to learn how to act in ways that are respectful, considerate, and honest – the fundamental principles of etiquette and building strong relationships with family and friends.
But how young can we go? Can toddlers learn concepts like respect and consideration? While toddlers may not understand [...]

On a Bike: Good Manners and Safe Practices!

One of my favorite things about good manners is that they often lead to safe practice. The converse is also true. Safe practice is actually good etiquette because it shows respect and consideration for others. Think about biking. There are four kids riding their bikes to the local pool:
If they travel four abreast, they may [...]