October “Pop-up” Train The Trainer

Don’t want to wait until May 2013 to be trained by Emily Post?  Now you don’t have to! We are excited to announce a “pop-up” Children’s Train The Trainer session October 22nd-24th, 2012 in Burlington, VT. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, after school program coordinator or an etiquette professional, our program prepares you to teach etiquette […]

New Possibilities in a New Year

Hello All, A new year is an exciting time. It offers all sorts of possibilities and a fresh start. 2012 is particularly exciting in the new possibilities it offers me. After 12 years co-directing the Emily Post Institute with my brother Peter and my sister-in-law Peggy (married to a different brother), I am retiring from […]

It’s A Family Affair

The 18th on the 18th! October 18th is a big date for us here at the Emily Post Institute. It’s the publication date of EMILY POST’S ETIQUETTE, 18TH EDITION: Manners for a New World. I could tell you about the new etiquette; it includes things like texting manners and fist bumps and pocket dialing. I […]

A Tribute to Our Interns

The Emily Post Institute is located in Burlington, Vermont.  For the past three or four years we have had the privilege of working with students from local colleges and universities in both Vermont and upstate New York. Ariel, Kristin, Arianne, Kelly, Rachel, Matt, Dustin, Kerrie and Molly have all shared their unique talents and brain […]