As I was driving to work today and thinking about a post for The Gift site today, it entered my head that this is a very special etiquette week. After all, Thursday is a day devoted to saying Thank You! What could mean more? Here at The Emily Post Institute there is one manner that […]

On a Bike: Good Manners and Safe Practices!

One of my favorite things about good manners is that they often lead to safe practice. The converse is also true. Safe practice is actually good etiquette because it shows respect and consideration for others. Think about biking. There are four kids riding their bikes to the local pool: If they travel four abreast, they […]

Text Messaging Anarchy

I love the question, “What are the manners for text messaging?” because it gives me a chance to talk about how manners evolve. We don’t just make them up here at The Emily Post Institute. What we do is consider the medium, think about what’s respectful and considerate, listen to the public, and then articulate […]