New Possibilities in a New Year

Hello All, A new year is an exciting time. It offers all sorts of possibilities and a fresh start. 2012 is particularly exciting in the new possibilities it offers me. After 12 years co-directing the Emily Post Institute with my brother Peter and my sister-in-law Peggy (married to a different brother), I am retiring from […]

Happy Holidays

Holidays bring festivities, breaks from routine, and opportunities to spend time with family and friends. We share meals, exchange gifts, and connect with people we see infrequently. I know kids and staff will enjoy a break from the routine school schedule, employees at businesses that take a break during this season will enjoy their time […]

A Gift – Not a Tip For a Teacher

Every Holiday Season we get many questions about tipping: how much, who, when, gifts or cash? One of the trickier questions has to do with who. The answer is simple: people who have provided a service for you and to whom you want to show appreciation. That, after all, is what tipping is about. There […]

The Gifts You Don’t Have to Wrap

The holiday season has begun. The crowds on Black Friday were certainly welcomed by store owners across the country. However, is that all there is? Sales, gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, lay away, and credit? Our 5 year old Emily doesn’t think so. At the Emily Post Institute Store you can find EMILY’S CHRISTMAS GIFTS […]

From Least Favorite to Most Favorite

It just occurred to me that October and November are linked in more ways than just on the calendar. They each have a holiday that between the two of them represents each end of the “my favorite holiday” spectrum from least to most. I’m always relieved to get to the end of October and not […]

“Trick or Treat”

It’s Halloween again – my least favorite holiday as a parent for several reasons. First it required a level of creativity and craftiness that I simply don’t possess and consequently felt sort of failurish every Oct. 31. Second, bags of candy and the need to arbitrate between the kids on who got what, who had […]

Happy Birthday, Emily

139 years old today (Oct. 27, 2011) and yet many people, when asked, think Emily is alive and about ten years older than they are. It just goes to show – etiquette really is timeless and so is Emily.  Whether it’s 39 or 139 we wish Emily the happiest of birthdays and many more!

Birthday Parties: A training ground

A birthday party is a yearly highlight that most kids anticipate with excitement. Every other holiday is shared, but a birthday is a unique day that belongs to the child alone. Birthdays can be extra special events for parents, too. They mark another year with a son or daughter. Definitely a cause to celebrate! Like […]

Five Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 3

Gifts You Don’t Wrap We all love to wrap gifts, but some of the things we can give at the holidays can’t be wrapped. By spending an hour with your children and talking about this concept, you will raise their consciousness about these special gifts. Kindness Consideration Helping out Preparing for company Decorating Helping with […]

Next week a 5 Day Manners Makeover for the Holidays

The holidays are coming! Decorations are popping up everywhere. Holiday music is playing in stores. People are planning turkey dinners. Families will be traveling to visit families. Parents may be stressing. And kids are beside themselves with excitement. Parents ask me, “What can we do? The kids are wild, and we’ve left table manners by […]