Essential Social Skills – Conversation 101

A cornerstone of social interaction is good conversation and a building block of good conversation is language acquisition.  Helping your toddler gain language skills is one of your most important tasks as a parent. Things you can do include:

Talking with your child. She can’t learn what she doesn’t hear. Just chat about the day, name things [...]

Get Kids Talking – “What Would You Do?”

I love talking with kids about manners and etiquette. The biggest challenge is getting started. One way to get them talking is to pose a question and ask them for their ideas. I would never start with, “Hey, let’s talk about manners today.” Any kid I know would blanch. However, I might ask:
So you are [...]

Spectator Sportsmanship

So often we talk about sportsmanship as it relates to players – follow the rules; listen to the coach; don’t blame the ref; be a good winner; be a good loser; and so on. Sometimes I like to think about sportsmanship as it relates to spectators. With school just starting there are new teams to [...]

Mobile Etiquette

I thought this post by Anna Post on the Etiquette Daily was a good fit for The Gift of Good Manners. Let me know what you all think!

Mobile Etiquette: What it Means to Kids and Parents
by Anna Post on April 19, 2011

Last Saturday, I spoke at an Intel-sponsored High Tea and High Strategy event at [...]

Bill Seamans: Resolving to be Civil

Bill Seamans is an award -winning journalist and a former correspondent and bureau chief for ABC News in the Middle East.  He is a regular commentator on Vermont Public Radio and I listen to him frequently as I commute to the Institute. Last week, I found his commentary  on civil discourse to be excellent and [...]

Another Way to Say, “Please”

When I was traveling about the country talking to toddlers about our book Emily’s Magic Words, I spent hours thinking about an activity I could do with a room full of three year olds beyond reading them the book (which would take about 7 minutes). Then I read an article about kids learning sign language [...]

The Etiquette Equation

The kids I talk to ask me if it gets boring writing about manners all the time. If writing about manners really just was about keeping track of a bunch of rules, it really would be pretty boring. But it’s not. I actually write about etiquette. I like to think about etiquette as an equation: [...]

On a Bike: Good Manners and Safe Practices!

One of my favorite things about good manners is that they often lead to safe practice. The converse is also true. Safe practice is actually good etiquette because it shows respect and consideration for others. Think about biking. There are four kids riding their bikes to the local pool:
If they travel four abreast, they may [...]

Fork or Fingers? Different Manners for Different Cultures

A few nights ago I was watching an episode of the new HBO series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.  The stories are set in Botswana. In the episode I watched, Mma Ramotswe, the No. 1 Detective, takes a client from the US out to do some investigation near the Kalahari Desert. Mma Ramotswe and [...]

Text Messaging Anarchy

I love the question, “What are the manners for text messaging?” because it gives me a chance to talk about how manners evolve. We don’t just make them up here at The Emily Post Institute. What we do is consider the medium, think about what’s respectful and considerate, listen to the public, and then articulate [...]