From Least Favorite to Most Favorite

It just occurred to me that October and November are linked in more ways than just on the calendar. They each have a holiday that between the two of them represents each end of the “my favorite holiday” spectrum from least to most. I’m always relieved to get to the end of October and not [...]

5 Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 5

Giving and Receiving Gifts:     

Spend this last hour helping your kids learn gracious gift giving and receiving.
Gift Giving – In order to help your kids learn the joy of giving make the time to have them participate in gift shopping or making gifts they will give during the holidays. Then practice these interactions:

Look [...]

Five Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 4

Greetings and Handshakes
Greetings and handshakes are social skills – and like every skill it takes practice to get them right and to feel comfortable using them. Also, it’s much easier to learn and practice with someone you know well so try out that greeting and handshake in familiar settings with friends and family.
Let me say [...]

Five Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 2

Table Conversation
The art of dining includes several things: the table setting which brings order and beauty, the menu which delights the taste buds, and the conversation that brightens the day! The following tips will help your children learn the art of table conversation.

Talk to people on both sides of you [...]

5 Day Holiday Manners Makeover – Day 1

Monday – Table Manners
Welcome to the “Spruce Up the Manners” – Day One!
Holidays typically mean meals; meals mean table manners.   So let’s begin there:
Practice setting a simple table setting:  fork on the left, knife and spoon on the right (knife next to the plate), [...]

Preschool Party Pooper?: When Your Child Has Too Many Invites

This morning I happened to notice today’s question on Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily, the Q & A blog of the Emily Post Institute, had to do with children’s birthday parties and thought you all might be interested. You can check out the Etiquette Daily and join the discussion by visiting I suggest searching for [...]

Text Messaging Anarchy

I love the question, “What are the manners for text messaging?” because it gives me a chance to talk about how manners evolve. We don’t just make them up here at The Emily Post Institute. What we do is consider the medium, think about what’s respectful and considerate, listen to the public, and then articulate [...]

Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids Is Now In Stores

It’s exciting to announce the publication of our latest book for children eight-to-thirteen-years-old: Emily Post’s Table Manners for Kids (Collins, May 2009). I wrote it with my sister-in-law, Peggy Post, to let kids know how table manners can be important to them. All the examples will sound familiar to most children:
You’re over at [...]

Graduation: Ceremony, Celebration, or Both?

Graduation season is here. Each graduation marks a milepost in the lives of many students. It’s a serious yet joyful event. And therein lies the conundrum: Do we show our pride in the graduate with airhorns and beach balls? Or do we show respect in somber silence? The answer lies somewhere [...]